Game Development projects currently underway by IAO GAMES:

Rufanzia - A Gothic Adventure


Weary of war and out-of-pocket, Ezra gambles everything to reclaim a lost treasure promised to him by blood. Journeying to a remote region to reclaim his birthright, the ex-mercenary finds himself stranded in a twisted realm of monsters and magic that exists on the edges of reality.

Master the combination of swordplay, guns and spells to battle your way though an open-plan world of dark fantasy where your choices affect the fate of the land. Rufanzia is a gothic adventure inspired by classic platformers such as Castlevania and Ghouls n' Ghosts.

Cyberpunk Stealth Game  (working title)


At the turn of the millenium, a shadowy organization is manipulating the course of history towards a bleak and disturbing future. A lone operative embarks on a dangerous mission. You'll need all you wits and a steady aim to bring an end to a conspiracy whose roots run deep, dangerously close to your own past.

Can you defeat the elite mercenaries of the GORGON unit, or will their freakish abilities be too much to handle without resorting to some unconventional tactics?

Sneak or Shoot your way through futuristic military bases and epic boss encounters in a cyberpunk-styled stealth/action adventure inspired by 90's classics such as Metal Gear Solid and Parasite Eve.