Game Design

2D Environment Art

How do you like your pixels?

When it comes to style, I can create both raster art (blended, smooth edges) or retro pixel art (hard, blocky look).
Wether your game needs top-down, isometric or oblique graphics, all 2D viewpoints are catered for.

See 2D Environment Art examples from my portfolio.

Level Design

I can design level layouts for 2D games, either as conceptual plans or as game-ready tilemaps.

See Level Design examples from my portfolio.

Logo Design & Branding

I can create unique logo and brand designs tailored for your business or project, optimized for use in web-based, mobile or print applications.

See examples of logo designs from my portfolio

Cover Art

I also have experience in creating bespoke digital cover art pieces.

See examples of cover art from my portfolio